Friday, April 25, 2008

We've got a puppy!!!!

Meet Horace, the newest addition to our menagerie. He's a red toy poodle pup. HOW CUTE IS HE??!!

Humans/squids: ecstatic
Cats: curious/contemptuous
Pup: mad with delight and very hard to photograph because he never keeps still!


(My theory confirmed: cats are all Hamlet, doggies are Laertes. Maybe older dogs could also be Horatio.)


fabulous heretic said...

It's wearing a toupe! And you shaved its face!

scootergrrl said...

awesome colour! You should have named it Bluey 8)

Nicki Greenberg said...

That's not a toupee. It's a barrister's wig!

Horace is named for Horace Rumpole, Big Squid's favourite character of page and screen.