Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The rest is silence

Well, not quite. But I have been very quiet blogwise the past couple of weeks, and we can thank the Dane for that. I've been madly, passionately - ok, maniacally - absorbed in working on Hamlet, and have barely made time to eat, sleep and otherwise behave like a normal human being. It is cracking along very well, despite the little hitch of my Wacom tablet giving up the ghost and having to be replaced on Monday. I expect the discarded one to return any day now and ask its successor to take revenge on me for killing it.

I'll just pause from my madness to mention that Allen & Unwin are launching Bruce Mutard's new graphic novel, The Sacrifice, on Wednesday 23 April, and it looks like an excellent read. Set in Melbourne in the shadow of WWII, the book deals with war, ideals, family and love. Bruce will appear in conversation with the lovely Bernard Caleo.

Wednesday 23 April 6.30pm
Readings Carlton - in Lygon Street of course.
Free, but but please book on (03) 9347 6633 or RSVP on Facebook.

Sadly I can't attend, because parent-teacher interviews have been inconveniently scheduled that evening. Damn!


siextyeight said...

heyy,i'm representing my class for comics competition according to the great gatsby novel(yah,not a grand one,just class)..i found ur works about the gatsby thingy and it is impressive!!i dont expect that the gatsby novel can turn out into something interesting lyke wut u did..

Bobby.N said...

The launch was very good last night. Very cosy & full. I arrived early, and left late.