Thursday, November 29, 2007

That tattoo

Here's that tattoo again, now fully healed and less red raw. I finally got to see it in the flesh this week when I went up to Sydney and spent an evening hanging out in Newtown with the Fabulous Sebastian (pictured).

I would have used one of the other pictures I took, which don't include any rude gestures - but this is the only one in which my Human Canvas is actually smiling. We'll just pretend he's showing off his gold and onyx Victorian mourning ring, instead of giving me the finger for teasing him about his macho photo poses.

See - he's pretty when he smiles!

For the original tattoo drawings, check this earlier post.


fabulous heretic said...

Gold and Onyx? Gold, black enamel, and a banded agate thankyou very much.

ps I hate photos of myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicki,

I finally found quality time to look at your blog and I love it! Definitely a level of bloggedness to aspire to. Congratulations too on getting your work permanently on someone's body -- that must feel great, for you, if not for the recipient.
I will be visiting Readings in Carlton this weekend and I hope to buy a copy of your book there.
Be good to catch up again soon.
Take care