Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some fine reviews!

Happy to report that so far the reviews of The Great Gatsby - a graphic adaptation have been wonderful.

The inimitable Chewie Chan gave the book a lovely review in Magpies Magazine (Childrens and YA literature mag). Philosophy and English teacher and graphic novel aficionado Blair Mahoney wrote a beautiful and very thoughtful piece in YA literature magazine Viewpoint (and check out Blair's list of 100 great grahic novels here), and there have been enthusiastic write-ups in various "general" media publications like Madison and Mx.

And here's a sample of reviews that have appeared online. All good. Very pleased!

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Big thanks to all these generous and enthusiastic reviewers!


chewie said...

thanks for the superlative :-) ... maybe now isn't the best time to tell you I'm an identical twin!

Nicki Greenberg said...

Ahahahahaha!! You're still one of a kind xx