Saturday, February 9, 2008

A massy wheel

Here's a picture that took longer than I expected:
I'm very pleased with it, and especially happy with the perspective. I was aiming for a picture that suggested a certain depth and perspective, but whose elements were not actually "fixed" in space. In particular, I wanted some ambiguity about how near or far each wheel was to the viewer. In retrospect, this idea makes me think of Dali's Galatea of the Spheres:

Now there's a good way to feel inadequate: to view one's work next to that of Dali! Anyway, the detail was a killer, and just got more and more time-consuming. Here's my starting point, when I thought I could knock the picture over in a week:

As with the other Hamlet backgrounds, this was painted with liquid acrylic inks - my new favourite medium - on Winsor & Newton cartridge paper. Very pleased to report that my favourite paper is available once again, through the good people at The Art Shop online. Yay!

And now I'd better make up for all that time that got ground to dust between those wheels, and get back to the drawing desk!


ord said...

hey man, looks good to me.
what detail, phew , you really are are master,
Truelly, Dali would be proud,
fucking great stuff


fabulous heretic said...

Floating cogs hurt my eyes more than Dali ever dead.

Strangely I wateched Dali earlier tonight thanx to a link that Mr J sent me...

Nicki Greenberg said...

Hey, thanks lovelies!

Pardeep said...

Hey really the nice stuff. I enjoyed it. i also have something to share is koozies.