Friday, September 21, 2007

Aggressively strange fables

Another one for the diary - here's a whole bundle of events celebrating the amazing world of Melbourne's underground comics and animation scene. They're all in one location in fabulous Northcote, at a bar called the North Bazaar. And they're free!

There's an exhibition, a launch of some cool anthologies, panel discussions (I'm in one of them), animation displays and loads of gorgeous stuff all over the walls.

Aggressively Strange Fables is part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and it's on from 26 September to 14 October. Check out their website or have a look at the very cute flyer (click on the pic to enlarge) by superstar artist Jo Waite, who is also the curator of the show.

Sadly I will have to miss the opening night party, which is also the launch of the latest issue of Tango (excellent comics anthology). I'll be in Newcastle for the Young Writers Festival at the time (see the last post below). How did this happen? How did the Fringe and the NYWF get scheduled for the same time, I ask you??

Now, I believe that Mr Baba Brinkman, rap artist and performer extraordinary, is also going to be doing some shows at the Fringe. I had the pleasure of sharing a stage with Baba in Brisbane recently, and his rap performance of the Canterbury Tales just blew me away. Very much hoping to catch one of his gigs in Melbourne. I've got the CD on the stereo right now, and it's making me nod my head with pleasure, Rikishi style. For those unfamiliar with Rikishi, I recommend this clip. Aggressively strange indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Just heard you talking on the Book Show, I did notice some great reviews in the papers but this interview convinced me to buy a copy of your Great Gatsby, I've since found several of the drawings on the net and here at your site
as I ordered a copy...

Nicki, I just want to say your drawings are truly wonderful, they bring to mind the imaginings I have never imagined, and Wallace Stevens who wrote

'the imagination, the one reality in this imagined world'

which is a good comment on your work so far,
I'll write after I get the book and let you know.

Robert Adamson